Chicken Cottage franchise

Why choose a Chicken Cottage franchise - The benefits

Chicken Cottage is the UK’s leading halal fast food brand supported by a dedicated team of experienced individuals. Chicken Cottage offers a very unique opportunity to apply a proven business model that works. Time and time again Chicken Cottage has proven that not only can it survive on the high street, but thrive by successfully competing with recognisable global brands. It boasts a high percentage growth in last few years that is showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, if anything, it’s gathering momentum! At present we are opening, on average, one new Chicken Cottage franchise store every single month and have been doing so since 1997!

A Leading Uk fast food Brand - One new store every month!

Chicken Cottage is the UK's leading halal fast food brand supported by a dedicated team of individuals with more than half a century of experience in the industry.

Keeping an eye on the market - Future Proofing The Brand

We constantly review market trends and current influences to pre-empt evolving consumer demands and remain focussed on future growth. Due to this diligence, the members of the Chicken Cottage family are better positioned to continue to succeed in one of the most competitive catering markets in the world.

Franchise Agreement

Our franchise agreement has been compiled by one of the leading, experienced Franchise specialising solicitors, affiliated with British Franchise Association (BFA). This guarantees peace of mind and confidence in a mutually beneficial, fair and just agreement protecting the rights of both parties, equally.

ISO 9001 Accreditation

Chicken Cottage is ISO 9001 accredited. What does this say about us? It says that our internal procedures and company processes have been approved by the government and conform to best practice.

Specialised One to one Franchisee care and support

Chicken Cottage have a dedicated, specialised Business Development Team with years of experience to help you update your skills from time to time and keep you informed on legislative developments.

Cutting edge technology - Manage your business from the beach!

Problems with staff closing early at night, bad customer service, staff giving away more food than has been paid for - we have the answer to your problems. With our new Till Integrated CCTV system you are able to track any time, day or night. what is happening in your store in real-time, as it happens. CCTV online internet action, complete with sound and till transactions, gives you the confidence and security that your staff will behave and act in a correct manner whether you are there or not.

We spend so you don't have to

It is our job to develop new products, evaluate new suppliers and test market conditions before recommending anything to you our franchisee thus giving you the advantage to get on with running your store well without the distraction of sourcing supply…… One call to us is all it takes!

The conclusion

The Chicken Cottage team is professional and well positioned to provide quality support in a technologically superior environment, backed up by years of well grounded catering experience. Add to this a brand that is strong, well known and at the top of its game, that has proven, many times, that it pays real dividends and offers a serious return on your investment.

Our Mission

Chicken Cottage sell freshly prepared food that has the hallmark of quality and convenience that its customers can recognise, at an affordable price.

We are the most innovative, convenient, competitive and profitable designer, manufacturer and retailer of quality foods to customers in a hurry. We serve our global customers as we would wish to be served ourselves. We believe we are the best!