Chicken Cottage to Introduce the Franchisee Recognition Awards

The Chicken Cottage awards of excellence will recognise the most responsible franchisees, and celebrate those that can formally demonstrate their positive impact on the brand.

The purpose of this is to identify and show our appreciation for the efforts of those franchises that have had, and continue to have, a constructive approach towards building the Chicken Cottage brand image amongst their customers and their local communities.

We hope these awards will inspire other franchisees to work towards improving their image and strive to
exhibit a better attitude towards the Brand.

There will be 5 categories of awards which will recognise:

Brand loyalty

Business attitude

Brand image

Customer services

outstanding achievement

Two nominations for each category will be recommended by the telesales and the operations team however only one franchisee will be awarded from each category.

The outstanding achievement award will be presented to the franchisee that demonstrates holistic and long term stewardship of their franchise and have aligned their values and business strategy in line with the guidelines set out by Chicken Cottage.

This is Chicken Cottage’s top award, with the overall winner, or what we call our ‘Example of Excellence’ receiving the designation of ‘Franchisee of the Year 2011’.

Chicken Cottage in ‘Marketing Week’

Professor Paul Temporal of Oxford University gave Chicken Cottage excellent promotion in an article he wrote for ‘Marketing Week’ Magazine, a leading publication in the marketing industry. He believes Chicken Cottage is a fine example of a great, young and relevant Muslim brand. He also talks about us in a book he is writing on Muslim Brands.

We consider this to be a huge leap in terms of brand awareness. We no longer feel we are a niche organisation catering to Muslims only, but a wellrecognised top British brand.

The complete article can be found on the following web link;

It was only though combined efforts of the company and our franchisees that such recognition was achieved so a resounding well done to all.

The Official Launch of “Crispy Chicken”

As you are aware we, at Chicken Cottage, are always introducing new and tempting product lines to our menu.

One such offer is “Crispy Chicken” a delicious, mouthwatering recipe that will soon officially become a part of our menu. We hope our customers will agree and it will become a firm favourite.

It is now time to plan the launching of “Crispy Chicken” throughout all our franchises. We believe that the training provided to the franchisees and their employees, prior to the introduction of “Crispy Chicken” in your menus, can either make or break a successful launch.

A training event, highlighting the cooking procedures of “Crispy Chicken”, will soon will soon be organised for all our franchisees to participate in.

What makes a successful franchisee?

Our area managers report that one of the most frequently asked questions by our franchisees is “What makes a successful franchisee?”. We decided to research this question ourselves and below is our findings.

Examining a sample of our most successful franchisees we found they consistently do a number of things that can be grouped into four key areas:

Firstly, they keep track of information and trends that illustrate how their business is performing. This, of course, means they can use a computer, read spreadsheets and understand figures and they spend time each week tracking their performance against their set objectives.

Secondly, they set achievable goals that keep confidence levels high, are focused and they tend to be slightly competitive by nature. It is said that luck is where preparation meets opportunity. a successful franchisee takes advantage of opportunities to promote and grow their business because they have a vision of what they want to achieve, and where they intend to be, in the long term.

Thirdly, they understand that all the analysis and vision in the world won’t get them anywhere unless they are prepared to work hard and maintain high standards of service delivery. This means they are organised and plan their life so they can sustain the long hours and make the family sacrifices necessary to launch and sustain a successful small business.

Finally, they understand that business is ultimately about people and that unless they gain the support of the people on whom their business depends, they have nothing. This doesn’t just mean customers but also their staff, family, suppliers, franchisee peers and their franchisor.

International Openings

Owing to the desired brand awareness in the global market and the efforts of our Business Development Team to identify the specific franchise opportunities available outside the United Kingdom, Chicken Cottage has expanded significantly. We have franchisees already trading in Algeria, Libya, Pakistan, U.A.E, Ireland, Paris, Italy and Canada with Nigeria, Iran, Iraq and Bangladesh on-line to start trading in the near future.

Whilst we were always aware that developing and implementing an international franchising strategy could start us on the road to becoming the next global brand, we knew it would need to be planned well in advance. Structuring the product offering, looking for master franchisees and qualified brand ambassadors in other countries required expert assistance and considerable research into the chosen overseas markets.

The high and ever increasing number of international enquiries, along with optimum support from the head office, is the key to Chicken Cottage become one of the leading franchises. Year on year the company witnesses an increase in enthusiastic investors from all over the world which adds to our growth and expansion.

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